Physical Rehabilitation

Georgetown Veterinary Hospital is now offering canine Physical Rehabilitation Services!

We are excited that Anna Tackett, DVM, CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner) is providing physical rehabilitation services in addition to seeing her preventative care and diagnostic patients! She can help your pet recover from surgery, regain mobility from a previous injury, and so much more!

What Is Canine Physical Rehabilitation?

Canine physical rehabilitation is another tool we can utilize to help animals recover from injuries, relieve pain, and increase strength and endurance. It is best used in combination with traditional medicine to enhance a patient’s quality of life. This branch of medicine allows general practitioners, certified rehabilitation practitioners, surgeons, and pet parents to work together to bring pets back to optimal health and function at a much quicker rate.

What Can It Treat?

  • Ligament and muscle injuries
  • Regaining function after surgery
  • Weakness
  • Neurological abnormalities
  • Regaining function after a fracture
  • Arthritis
  • Dysplasia
  • Chronic dysfunction or pain
  • Obesity

What to Expect

At your first appointment, Dr. Tackett will evaluate your pet’s current range of motion, pain levels, and functionality, and take measurements of your pet’s muscle mass. Using the working diagnosis, she will work with you to create a specific therapy plan, to reach the goals you desire for your pet.

Depending on your level of comfort performing the exercises with your pet and other important factors, she will either prescribe an at-home therapy program, an in-clinic therapy program with Dr. Tackett and her nurses, or a combination of both.

Throughout the prescribed therapeutic workout regime, Dr. Tackett will periodically repeat neuromuscular examinations, joint angle measurements, and muscle mass measurements to ensure your pet is progressing properly and that they are on track to achieving your goals for them.

Dr. Tackett is dedicated to helping your pet have a better life and will customize a rehabilitation program tailored to your pet’s needs.

If you think your pet may benefit from physical therapy and would like more information, please let us know!

This video is of the adorable “Sasha.” She’s a pup recovering from a broken leg and her PT visits with Dr. Tackett are making all the difference. It may not look like they’re doing much more than playing, but each movement and step is part of a strategic exercise plan Dr. Tackett puts together to target certain muscle groups with the goal of improving Sasha’s strength and flexibility.