Pet Health Insurance

It is important to do your research when choosing the right pet health insurance for your family’s needs. Below are some of the companies we’ve worked with and used. This is a good place to start looking if you’re considering adding coverage for your pets.

The article Insurance Coverage Questions gives you some great questions to ask yourself and your family before deciding whether a pet insurance company will meet your needs. You can check out the Insurance Comparison Chart for a quick reference. There’s also a visual guide to pet insurance that may answer some common questions – Pet Insurance 101.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and Trupanion are 2 great places to start. ASPCA has even compiled a helpful list of 101 Pet Dangers that all pet parents should be aware of.

With Trupanion, you can use this “Month of Coverage” Certificate for a free month of insurance coverage for your pet! Simply call them with code on the certificate within 24 hours of your visit with us.


We also recommend looking into Petplan and  Nationwide but there are a lot of other reputable companies out there. (Nationwide has an Avian & Exotic coverage plan!)

The good news is that we can work with anyone you choose!