We, the staff at Georgetown Veterinary Hospital, take pride in showcasing the amazing patients we work with day in and day out. This form is to obtain your consent as a pet parent for us to use your pet(s)’ photo or video in various media outlets, whether they be in print or Web content. Please take a moment to carefully read this form and sign below if you agree.

I hereby authorize Georgetown Veterinary Hospital and its employees to use my pet(s)’ photo and/or video in any kind of media publication including, but not limited to pamphlets, handouts, the hospital’s website, Facebook page and Instagram account.

I understand that, while I waive the right to inspect any photos or videos prior to their use, any media images taken of my pet will be used for educational, advertising and entertainment purposes and will show my pet(s) in a favorable light. I also understand that, I have the right to request copies of all photos or videos taken of my pet(s).