Pet Information

A Dental Prophy Includes:

A complete scaling of the teeth, polishing, flouride treatment, periodontal charting and an oral examination by the doctor.

The doctor will provide you with an estimate prior to the procedure.

Owner Consent and Release

Consent to perform extractions and necessary procedures

Many pets require anesthesia before a doctor can complete a thorough dental exam. Each tooth must be carefully evaluated so the veterinarian can choose the best treatment. We recommend completing all meeded dental procedures during this visitso you can avoid scheduling another appointment with additional sedation costs.

Release for Medical Treatment

I, the undersigned, do hereby certify that I am the owner, or duly authorized agent for the owner, of the animal described above and that I do hereby give Georgetown Veterinary Hospital, its veterinarians, agents and/or representatives full and complete authority to perform the dental procedure prescribed above. I also grant permission to perform any other procedure that, at her discretion, may be useful to promote health of the above described pet, and I do hereby and by the presents forever release the said doctor, her agents or representatives from any liability arising from said dental/surgical procedure on said animal. I accept full financial responsibility for all tests and treatments that I verbally authorize during my conversation with the doctor. I understand that payment is due in full when my pet is discharged.

I understand that if evidence of fleas is found on my pet during the examination, a dose of CAPSTAR will be administered at my expense. (Approximately $8)